Stillness in Motion

As I step into motion, may I avoid being consumed by the busyness and the noise, and stay connected to the stillness within each moment of the movement, the silence everpresent behind the sound, and be guided by this…

4 thoughts on “Stillness in Motion

  1. This reminds me of “Holding to the Constant”, a verse attributable to Lao Tzu, a leg­endary sage of ancient China, is con­sid­ered the founder of Tao­ism. It is but one of many collected together into the Tao Te Ching, a collection of Taoist scriptures.

    Break into the peace within,
    Hold atten­tion in still­ness,
    And in the world out­side
    You will ably mas­ter the ten thou­sand things.

    All things rise and flour­ish
    Then go back to their roots.
    See­ing this return brings true rest,
    Where you dis­cover who you really are.
    Know­ing who you are, you will find the con­stant.
    Those who lack har­mony with the con­stant court dan­ger,
    But those who have it gain new vision.

    They act with com­pas­sion;
    within them­selves, they can find room for every­thing.
    Hav­ing room, they rule them­selves and lead oth­ers wisely.
    Being wise, they live in accor­dance
    with the nature of things.
    Emp­tied of self, and at one with nature,
    They become one with the Tao.
    The Tao endures for­ever.
    For those who have attained har­mony with the Tao
    will never lose it,
    Even if their bod­ies die.

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