thai yoga/passive assisted yoga and stretching

thai toes

thaiThai yoga is passive assisted yoga and stretching, kind of like having yoga done for you. You relax in comfortable clothing on a soft mat while I move your body through rhythmic yoga-like postures that release tension and induce a calm aware state. It can be more rejuvenating than a nap. Thai yoga originated in Thailand where Buddhist monks would go into a meditative state and offer the practice to their communities as a form of mental and physical health maintenance. It is metta in form, or applied loving kindness offered with respect and without attachment.

I offer Thai Yoga as a stand alone practice or combined with private movement meditation and yoga sessions at your location or mine. I am also available to teach the practice to couples or groups and occasionally hold workshops on just Thai or Thai combined with other partner and group practices like partner and acro yoga.

Contact me at 603-568-5977 or for rates.

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