Denise’s classes provide strengthening that leaves you grounded in your body and aware of your positioning in space in a way that I had never experienced. They also provide a presence of mind that I never thought attainable to a high-strung person like me. On a spiritual plane, her instruction gave me tools to work through difficult emotions, helping me acquire certain attitudes about attachment and desire that allows me to process emotional discomfort. The practice I developed under her guidance allows me to walk through situations today that used to leave me irritable and overwrought with a myriad of conflicting emotions. Today I can allow these emotions to take place within me without judgment or terror.
     ~ student at The Plymouth House addiction treatment center, written after a period of prolonged sobriety

Bringing you on as Yoga instructor was the right team member at the right time for our Varsity Men and Women Cross Country Teams. Your work with the teams presents a great balance of instructing the body, mind and spirit.  When they require strength, you have a wonderful way of pushing their limits while carefully watching form and avoiding injury.  On days following meets when they need recovery, you seamlessly adjust to focus on body areas requiring recovery while adding strength work to other areas. 
        You do all this while attending to the psychology of both the male and female athlete.  By the end of the season you converted any men who doubted the benefits of yoga in running.  Additionally, your flexibility in meeting at the ocean, in the fields of competition, the gym or the classroom is great in helping to transfer learning to specific environments. 
        Clearly, you embrace the best of the science of sport with the mindfulness of the teachings of Yoga. I am most grateful to have had you as part of the team and look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future.
     ~ Paul Finn, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist, Professor of Psychology and Head Coach of Cross Country and Track at Saint Anselm College 

We hired Denise to lead our employees in yoga and customized exercise classes. The goal was to address their needs and help to create a culture of incorporating exercise in to their daily work schedule. Denise is creative, flexible and very knowledgeable about her work. She is great to work with and would recommend her services to any type of work environment.
~ Ruth Berkeley, Director of Human Resources at Loon Mountain Resort

I feel so lucky to have met Denise early in my yoga experience. She showed me that yoga can be both a serious physical practice and a real-life tool for reflection on my own internal life and my relationships with other people. Her teaching is profound but accessible to all levels. I have often marveled at her ability to teach the basics to beginning students and, in the very same breath, provide the depth that more experienced students can learn from. Her warmth and willingness to share her own experiences in yoga and in life — her struggles and her joys — make each class a treat.
     ~ Chelsea Conaboy, Features Editor at The Portland Press Herald and longtime student in lunchtime class at The Concord Monitor and through private instruction in person and online through FaceTime

I have been lucky enough to attend a few of Denise’s yoga and snowsports retreats and every time is an incredible experience. Denise works off of the atmosphere and the people in attendance in order to create a unique new retreat each time. We have done everything from deep stretching yoga (to get ready for our day on the mountain) to acro yoga with a partner, to quiet meditative yoga if we are feeling tired after the long day. While on the mountain she showed me stretches to do in my snow gear and has since helped me to make my movements while snowboarding much more fluid. Denise has the impressive ability to work with any person and make them feel completely at ease and comfortable. Each time I have gone to a retreat I have left feeling relaxed and satisfied knowing I had an experience that was completely custom to me, and the feeling of the day. Thank you Denise 🙂
~ Kim Smith

I have been a student of Denise’s for over 3 years and have found her classes and workshops to be thought-provoking, fun, and healthfully challenging throughout my development from yoga student to teacher. I enjoy attending Denise’s day-long workshops because they give me material to work with in my home practice for months afterwards, and she offers great creative sequences for releasing tension and engaging meditations for exploring the internal self. I always walk away from Denise’s sessions; whether held at a ski lodge, a transformational music festival, or her beautiful home, feeling more confident with myself, and connected to the community we practiced with. I believe her focus on subtle sensations is really unique and a special gift for her students to learn to incorporate into their own practices. I recommend her classes to people with any experience level.
     ~ Hannah Tosi, RYT 200

I’ve been a yoga student of Denise for the past year.  Denise brings a deeper understanding and thoughtful approach to the practice, she is able to seamlessly adjust asanas for students of all levels, offering tips on ways to either go deeper or make adaptations. She has a free and open spirit and much wisdom to offer her students.  Our class is fun, the underlying music Denise choses is always intriguing and enhances the practice, and we all leave feeling refreshed and re-invigorated.  I highly recommend practicing yoga with Denise.  She is a blessing and it’s truly a joyful experience.
     ~ Marilyn Bogue, student in lunchtime class at Federal Courthouse in Concord, NH

As an event organizer it is essential to set in place people and elements that you can trust will work every time. We first hired Denise in 2013 at our indoor spring event in Worcester and she proved to be accommodating and flexible with schedule changes, molding her craft to fit the atmosphere. Her instruction proved to be fitting and very well received. After an overwhelming response from those who took part, we asked her back in the summer and each consecutive event since. Now a staple in our community, Denise has gone above and beyond, offering support, words of wisdom and developing genuine connections with all receptive minds and hearts she encounters. A model human being and friend as well as a phenomenal instructor and teacher. Now, we can’t imagine hosting an event without her!
     ~ Rob and Aaron (Fractaltribe)


2 thoughts on “testimonials

  1. I began my yoga practice three years ago when working as Training Manager/Adult Program Manager at Loon Mountain Snowsports when the opportunity to host a morning yoga class for instructors was presented. Having always wanting to “learn” yoga and believing it undoubtedly would help reduce injuries on the snow, I jumped at the chance. That’s when I met Denise.
    What I “learned” was that yoga is a practice, a journey that will take you to places you might never have thought possible. Denise’s patience, understanding, and guidance allowed for all of us to stretch our bodies and minds to open up to all possibilities. To see what is available to us, even though we may not look for it. When I looked around the room at a bunch of stiff older bodies unabashed and willing to go where we have never gone before, I knew this was more than an injury preventing exercise, it was a way of life. Denise enabled all of us with her gentle teaching and knowledge of the sport we all came together with in the first place.
    And because of Denise, I continue to grow my mind, spirit, and body practicing yoga everywhere I can.
    Lauren O’Reilly,
    GIA Graduate Gemologist,
    AiSV Appraisers International Society
    PSIA-E Level 3 Alpine

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