I offer specialized individual and group private yoga, meditation and/or Thai yoga sessions and quality of life elder care.

In person, at your location or mine, at your business or event and online, through Skype, FaceTime or Google Chat, optionally including consultations to develop and maintain a personal practice supported by photographic, video and/or audio documentation.

Thai yoga sessions are available as a stand alone practice or in combination with a more typical hatha yoga practice. During a Thai yoga session you rest on a soft mat wearing comfortable clothing while I move you through a series of passive assisted yoga postures that facilitate a release of tension and a calm aware state. It is kind of like having yoga done for you.

I have experience with: absolute beginners and advanced practitioners; individual and partner therapeutic and acrobatic yoga; adaptive yoga for injury prevention, healing and maintenance; yoga specific to children; athletes – I have developed practices for runners, bikers, swimmers, skiers, snowboarders, and football players; leading yoga, dance and movement meditation workshops in retreat and festival settings; for addiction recovery, grief and life transitions including long term quality of life elder care.

I offer sustainable methods to help maintain presence and adapt to go through all aspects of our life experience.


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