specialized group and event movement meditation and yoga

I adapt one-time workshops or ongoing classes to fit the needs and capacities of your group in your space, or depending on the size of the group, mine. I like to travel and have lots of yoga mats.


New England Flow Fest 2014

Some things I have developed in the past are: lunchtime classes in offices, yoga conditioning and cross-training for snowsports, cross country running and football teams, school programs for students and teachers, yoga and meditation programs for drug treatment facilities (one for coed adults, one for young adult males 18-35 and one for a longer term sober house for women), yoga classes at family Christmas gatherings and weddings and workshops and workshop programs at music events and festivals of all kinds. I am always open to new possibilities.


Women’s Performance Ski Camp 2014, Loon Mountain Resort

I began my yoga practice three years ago when working as Training Manager/Adult Program Manager at Loon Mountain Snowsports when the opportunity to host a morning yoga class for instructors was presented. Having always wanting to “learn” yoga and believing it undoubtedly would help reduce injuries on the snow, I jumped at the chance. That’s when I met Denise.
What I “learned” was that yoga is a practice, a journey that will take you to places you might never have thought possible. Denise’s patience, understanding, and guidance allowed for all of us to stretch our bodies and minds to open up to all possibilities. To see what is available to us, even though we may not look for it. When I looked around the room at a bunch of stiff older bodies unabashed and willing to go where we have never gone before, I knew this was more than an injury preventing exercise, it was a way of life. Denise enabled all of us with her gentle teaching and knowledge of the sport we all came together with in the first place.
And because of Denise, I continue to grow my mind, spirit, and body practicing yoga everywhere I can.
Lauren O’Reilly,
GIA Graduate Gemologist,
AiSV Appraisers International Society
PSIA-E Level 3 Alpine

A sampling of some of the groups and events I have worked with:

Lunchtime Yoga Programs:
New Hampshire Department of Insurance
Federal Courthouse, Concord, New Hampshire
Concord Monitor
Nobis Engineering
Saint Paul’s School

Yoga Conditioning and Cross Training:
Loon Mountain Snowsports School and Women’s Performance Ski Camps
Saint Anselms Cross Country Running and Football Teams

School Programs:

Rundlett Middle School After School Program for Students
Bishop Brady High School After School Program for Teachers
Bow Elementary School After School Program for Teachers
Yoga to compliment World Religions Class at Bishop Brady High School
Yoga and meditation for Psychology class at St. Anselms
The Yoga of Music workshop at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Drug Treatment Facilities:
Plymouth House Recovery Retreat
New Freedom Academy
The Granite House for Women Sober Living

Festivals and music events where I have offered yoga and workshops:
Camp Coldbrook, Western Massachusetts 2012
Catalyst, Vermont 2012
Gratifly, South Carolina 2013
Fractalfest, Vermont 2013, 2016-2018
Great North Fest, Maine 2013-2016
Fractaltribe Subculture, Massachusetts 2014
Eclipse Electronic Music Festival, Quebec, Canada 2014
New England Flow Fest, New Hampshire 2014-2016
Forestdance, Connecticut 2014
Fractaltribe New Years Eve 2015
Fractaltribe Presents – Extrawelt Live (The Fractalfest 2015 Reunion), Massachusetts 2015
Unifier Transformational Healing and Expressive Arts Festival, Massachusetts 2015-2018


Fractaltribe Presents – Extrawelt Live (The Fractalfest 2015 Reunion)

As an event organizer it is essential to set in place people and elements that you can trust will work every time. We first hired Denise in 2013 at our indoor spring event in Worcester and she proved to be accommodating and flexible with schedule changes, molding her craft to fit the atmosphere. Her instruction proved to be fitting and very well received. After an overwhelming response from those who took part, we asked her back in the summer and each consecutive event since. Now a staple in our community, Denise has gone above and beyond, offering support, words of wisdom and developing genuine connections with all receptive minds and hearts she encounters. A model human being and friend as well as a phenomenal instructor and teacher. Now, we can’t imagine hosting an event without her!

-Rob and Aaron (Fractaltribe)


Subculture 2014

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