elder care

In-home compassionate quality of life elder care including companionship, intellectual stimulation, breathing and movement specifically and safely adapted from the principles of therapeutic yoga to the capacity of the client. This can range from extremely simplified movement without leaving a mostly sedentary position or a chair to a customized yoga practice. I also teach and guide meditation practices when desired, and can do this is in a non-direct subtle fashion to assist navigating the emotions surrounding the transitions of end of life. It does not have to be called yoga or meditation.

I will take the time to get to know your loved one and help find ways to help her or him remain engaged in life and assist in finding peace with what is possible and adapting as that continues to shift through time. I never force nor have a specific agenda. I am here to support and always treat people with respect and dignity, just as they are.

My current client is an 88 year old French woman whose doctors suggested she learn “yogic breathing” to develop and maintain internal core strength to support her deteriorating back. This has transformed into daily care with appropriate movement both for range of motion, strength and balance as well as to keep body awareness and mind-body coordination active. In addition to specific movement exercises we take walks, do gentle swimming at the YMCA and other simple outings including lunch at nearby restaurants.

Through time we have extensively discussed her life, much of which I have written down for the family to keep. In the process of this we considered what she may be able to do that could bring her joy and purpose in light of her changing health and abilities, and in her case this has turned out to be translating poetry from French to English and English to French. At this point we have compiled a large volume of translated French poetry.

To learn more about the work I have done with her… Translation

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