Lying in my bed as the moonlight pours in through the window…

charcoal smudged grayscale sky
rubbed soft by delicate fingertips caressing
transparent dome of midnight heavens
accentuating gradual contour and volume
layers of bands of dissipating rogue clouds
wandering out way past their bedtime
swaddling close and intermittently revealing
the haloed glow of scarlet tinged moonlight
liquid luminescent mirrored reflection
of the blazing star that is king of our universe
coyly assured of his place as the sun
playing hide and seek on the other side of the earth


Mystical, magical, full moony night
In the cast of your shadows
I encountered a sprite
Oh luminous one, with your eyes all aglow
Please grace me your wisdom
I long for it so
Her eyes shown so playful
As they smiled into me
And filled me with laughter
Like a birds melody
Her light steeped inside me
Even now, yes it’s true
She lives here inside me
And now,
In you too…