What if there is something beyond everything you have ever known, and you have to let go of all that is familiar and step into the unknown to find it?  It’s scary to let go, and perhaps even scarier to not….

3 thoughts on “unknown

  1. I believe there are realities which are now, and may be forever, beyond our abilities to comprehend. That is the reality which most people try desperately, or lazily, to avoid through the embrace of a god that has all of the human characteristics such as love, hate, vengeance, anger empathy, forgiveness. In my mind reality is much more magnificent that these god concepts and those who embrace the god concept may be thought of as blasphemous.

  2. Yes, at least in my mind they are. The godhead, ultimate reality or as I like to refer to it “The Primal Cause”, is incomprehensibly more magnicient than anything we can imagine; which by the way is one of the most fundamental Hindu concepts.

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