It is interesting the peace that comes from surrender.  I let go of fighting something and then suddenly I see it in a whole new perspective that I couldn’t access before.  And instead of pining for something that at least currently isn’t, I’m able to be more fully in exactly what is possible, right now.  Opportunities open up that I hadn’t noticed or had been blocked from before.  Even my sight seems brighter.  Sure, there is a sense of loss, no doubt.  Then a recognition of all we gain by giving up what we can’t make happen.  Surrender not a giving up, just a letting go of whats not, and opening into what is.

One thought on “Surrender

  1. Denise;

    The first two passages below are two of my more recently used mediation passages. The first part of the third passage, by Mahatma Gandhi, has been one I have used in the past. I’m not too fond of the second half of it; it gets a little to goddy for me personally, but the first part has brought me some peace. You piece on surrender on your blog reminded me of these and i thought you might like them also.



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