Practical Tantra

Tantra, simplified, as I have been taught it or at least as I currently understand and practice it, is recognizing that everything is sacred and a vehicle in which to awaken consciousness.  It is experiencing every moment, every act as a teaching, and honoring it as such.  Being awake and a part of the world as our spiritual practice, with a deep reverence for absolutely everything – all things a part of the whole, nothing excluded.  The continuum that spans all pairs of opposites and holds the center.

The practice of this involves cultivating the capacity to be able to experience all aspects of the spectrum of being alive with honesty and respect, without having to block or hide from anything, and without getting too caught up in the drama either.  Observing, noticing, experiencing, with as little judgment as possible, allowing awareness and wisdom to grow.  This is the ideal, we work from where we are.  And when we fumble, shifting back to harmony, as best we can, with deepened perspective.  Each moment another chance to try again.


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