play with your mind

Next time you meditate, maybe instead of trying to meditate, play with letting your mind rest.  It may be easier than you think.  If your mind keeps on talking to you, no matter.  That’s what it does.  Instead of fighting it, shift your mind back to the sensations of aliveness in your body.  Really, you can do this anytime.  Letting your mind rest from all its figuring by focusing on the subtle sensations of the body.  For just a little while.

This could but doesn’t have to include the sensations of the pulsing of your breath breathing you automatically.  Of the beating of your heart.  Of the air on the surface of your skin.  Maybe even going back and forth – the air on the surface of the skin.  The warmth of the interior space of your body.  Both at the same time.

When you find you have followed a tangent of the mind away from right now, bring it back.  With as little judgment as possible.  No big deal.  The taste of your mouth.  The scent and sense of temperature of your breath.  If your eyes are open, the sensation of drawing yourself back into your body even as you are looking out.  Deep breath into your belly can help with this.  And the sensitivity of the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.  The lining of the inside of your cheeks.  And the curve of the nape of your neck.  If your eyes are closed, the light on the back of the forehead.  The sounds around you coming in through the amphitheatres of your ears and translated on your eardrums.  Utilizing your senses to bring you inside your body.  Grounding yourself here.  Maybe from this grounded place, awareness of what’s around you too.  This can go back and forth too.  Awareness of what’s inside.  Awareness of what’s around you.  Every once and awhile, both at the same time.

Instead of a fight to stay present, make it a game with yourself.  A playful reverence.  Coming from a sense of love, a desire to be present, rather than just a strict discipline to avoid distraction.  Perhaps the result is the same, although the intention more friendly.  Your mind like an errant child – if you fight it, it fights back.  If you play with it, it pays attention.

But don’t trust anything I say.  Try it for yourself if you are interested.  Your direct experience much more valid than anything I could tell you.


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