tuning in meditation…

eyes open or closed
seated, lying down, or just in the moment
wherever you are

relaxed focus on the breath
anchoring the mind to the present experience
awareness of everything
with as little judgement as possible

when there is pleasantness,
experience it without attaching to it
when there is frustration,
experience it without engaging with it
the ebb and flow

the breath
rising from the heart to the periphery
softening back into the heart
both extremes balancing
riding the waves

relaxed focus on the breath
hear the sounds
taste the taste
smell the scent
feel the air, tactile on the skin
and passing across the nostrils
see the light through the skin between the eyebrows
or relaxed gaze, open eyes, seeing out and feeling back in
tethered by the breath
grounded by the heartbeat
and the warmth in the belly

the intensity of the subtlety
the strength in the tenderness

thoughts, memories, plans, hopes, fears
come and go
without blocking or embellishing
like the breath they rise. crest, and dissipate
back into the silence
behind the sounds

the silence and the sound

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