Snowyoga – snow salutation…on the slopes…

I do this all the time while riding.  It keeps me loose and calm and in my body.  This is not a beginner sequence, yet it can be worked up to fairly quickly with a little practice…I hold each pose as long as feels right and feel my breath breathing.

I drop to my knees (i wear soft knee pads, highly recommended…) and come into camel.  One arm at a time may be more accessible…


(belly hugged in, tailbone tucked, shoulders rolled back, sternum lifting to lengthen lower back, hips and thighs pressing forward – care not to crunch lower back or collapse neck,  I find it helps to breathe into the lower lungs if i get short of breath in this pose)

When coming out of camel, use lower abdomen strength and bring up both shoulders at the same time, head comes up last.  Brings hands forward to hands and knees, and then press back into downward dog.

(the board helps lengthen your calves.  belly strength lifts the hips up taking weight off your hands, while pressing into hands and leaning back into the board.  make sure you are on a good angle with a little edge so you don’t slip,  belly hugs into your body)

Rock forward into a pushup and then let the hips roll forward into an upward dog.

(belly hugs in to protect lower back – don’t collapse into your lower back, shoulders or wrists.  my pants are bagging up…yet my tailbone is tucked.  shoulders roll back and the sternum opens forward)

Then I come back into child’s pose.

(hips to heels, forehead/helmet on ground, belly between legs,  rest and feel it)

People have stopped to ask me if I am alright while in this position… : )

Yes, yes I am…

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